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Receivership Management, Inc.

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RE:       Labor Benefit Trust Health & Welfare Benefit Plan


Dear Former Participant:


You are receiving this letter and the enclosed check because our records indicate you were a participant in the Labor Benefit Trust Health & Welfare Plan (the “Labor Benefit Plan”) as of November, 2003.


The enclosed check represents a partial refund of premium and is a pro-rata amount based upon funds received as a result of litigation between the former trustees and the U.S. Department of Labor. The former trustees entered into a Consent Judgment and Order and agreed to pay $25,468.44.  After deductions for expenses, this allowed for a pro-rata distribution to all participants who were in the Labor Benefit Plan as of November, 2003 to receive a check for $46.84.


Additionally, you may not be aware that the U.S. District Court in an earlier proceeding issued an order which protects you from providers and collection agencies from seeking payments from you that should have been paid by the Labor Benefits Plan.  This Court Order directed that providers who did not submit claims for payment to the plan’s receiver, David Rodgers, had no recourse against the plan’s participants. A copy of the Court Order may be seen and downloaded at


Should you have any questions, please contact Mary Batey, health claims administrator at 615-370-0051.





Jeanne B. Bryant

Successor-Fiduciary for Labor Benefit Trust Health & Welfare Plan

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