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Bookwalter Cemetery Map  (6/30/2011)


Grave Space Listing as of May 2011 (6/30/2011)

Computer Generated Bookwalter Plats Layout (9/8/2011)

Bookwalter Plats (2/28/2013)

    Section A

    Section B

    Section C

    Section D

    Section E

    Section F

    Section G

    Section H

    Section I

    Section J

    Section K

    Section L

    Section M

    Section N

    Section O

    Back Section


Receiver's Submission of Final Grave Space Approval (2/27/2013)

    Exhibit 1: Proof of Ownership a

    Exhibit 2: Final Listing of Burial Rights (Please Note: This is a searchable PDF file. Once the file is open in your browser, press and hold the CTRL key and then press the F key which will bring up the search box. In the box type the word you want to search. For example, you can type the name "Cox" and the search will take you to each entry for the name "Cox" that appears in the list.)


Order Resolving Objection (4/23/2013)


Order (4/23/2013)

Final Order (6/20/2013)

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